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Upcoming Meetings

Agendas for meetings

Here you'll find the topics on our list for discussion at the public meetings.  If you want to find our more about the items you are welcome to come along to the public meetings.  Please contact The Clerk for more information.

Ordinary Council Meeting

Public Meetings

2024: Monthly public ordinary meeting will take place at the Bulkington Village Hall.
January: 10th, 7.30pm
February: 20th, 7.30pm
March: 13th, 7.30pm
April: 10th, 7.30pm
May: 8th, 7.30pm
June: 12th, 7.30pm
July: 10th, 7.30pm
September: 11th, 7.30pm
October: 9th, 7.30pm
November: 13th, 7.30pm
December: 11th, 7.30pm

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