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The Great Bulkington Railway has now departed....

Sadly, after years of service to the community of Bulkington and beyond, the Great Bulkington Railway is no longer on track. The Station Master, Nev Bolton, has raised thousands of pounds and delighted hundreds of children with this miniature railway in the private grounds of the house he shares with his wife Thelma but has now retired this Bulkington delight. The miniature railway was built in the summer of 1988 by Nev and several of his friends. It played 'open house' at least twice a year offering rides for adults and children of all ages. It was also available to hire for private parties. Monies raised went towards various charities - most recently Wiltshire Air Ambulance - and to Bulkington Village Hall Funds.

Our thanks go to Nev & Thelma for not only the massive effort and time spent on all this but especially for the fun times they have provided to us all. 

£800 Air Ambulance.jpg
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