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Bulkington In Bloom

   In spring and summer the village always looks its best with plenty of colour in planters throughout the village.        'Bulkington In Bloom' provided and planted the displays from donations kindly received from the village, and they    are generously supported by others who help to water the plants regularly. Two half barrels at the entrance to the  village and pots by the bus shelter are refreshed twice a year with summer and autumn bedding plants which require  regular watering as well as trimming to keep them looking at their best.










The Copper Beeches at either end of the village have grown well and look glorious each summer since planting by the 'Bulkington In Bloom' team in 2014.







And, have you noticed the small copse of trees in the Recreation

Ground which were planted in late 2015 with the help of villagers

and 'Bulkington In Bloom'? The 105 trees, generously donated by

The Woodland Trust, were planted to create a small copse of various

native tree including Hawthorne, Hazel, Rowan, Silver Birch and

Wild Cherry. These have grown to provide a lovely setting in the field.

 'Bulkington In Bloom' re-staked most of the trees and cleared the

overgrowth beneath the canopy to allow the trees to continue

their growth unhindered.

Bulkington_Beech Tree Locations_Confirme

Beech Tree Planting. 22nd March 2014

Copper Beech trees.jpg
Beech trees2.jpg
Playing Field planting..jpg

Enhancing Our Environment

Saturday 1st February 2020 saw Oliver Sykes and his friend William also planting a number of native tree species including wild cherry, rowan, and silver birch, in the William Breach Recreation Ground, making an attractive addition to the existing copse which was planted four years ago. This long term investment in the environment was carried out entirely on the initiative of these two young men and the village residents are very grateful. The two have plans for further tree planting in other locations, land use permitting. Should anyone know of other sites where trees could be planted please let Oliver know. 

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